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A holistic approach to office sound solutions

A holistic approach to office sound solutions

Wellness by design

Welcome to the next evolution of office design: intelligent soundscapes that dynamically adapt to your environment, creating the perfect balance between wellness and productivity. The Habitat Soundscaping solution combines the restorative power of nature with cutting-edge technology to increase personal well-being and allow your team to bring their best selves to work every day.


Teamwork is the backbone of any business. With the Habitat Soundscaping solution, your team can collaborate anywhere, any time—without worrying about distracting nearby colleagues.


The Habitat Soundscaping solution minimizes distractions and enables workers engaged in thoughtful, detailed work to stay in the zone, regardless of what’s happening around them.


Nature relieves stress, rejuvenates the senses, and satisfies our most innate human needs. The Habitat Soundscaping solution brings that natural, restorative connection to your space.

The Habitat Soundscaping solution

There is a fundamental disconnect between our inherent human needs and today’s open office; technology and our modern lifestyle have taken us away from nature. Habitat Soundscaping is the solution; we bring the biophilic experience into the office, using sight, sound, and science to reduce distractions and bridge the gap between modern life’s demands and our intrinsic human needs.

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We know that spending time in nature is good for us. The Habitat Soundscaping solution satisfies our innate human desire to connect with nature—known as biophilia—by bringing the benefits of nature into the workplace.

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Sounds we hear day in and day out have a direct impact on our health. Patent-pending technology built into the Habitat Soundscaping solution, dynamically adapts to the surrounding environment to minimize ambient noise.

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